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Which careers do PhD students at the University of Iceland pursue after graduation, and where in the world do they work?

The UI PhD Alumni Database allows users to get answers to these important questions. Containing public information about the research and career paths of doctoral students who have graduated since 2010, the database will be of interest to current PhD students and alumni seeking to network and explore diverse career options, doctoral supervisors, graduate school administrators, career counsellors, labor market experts and government officials promoting innovation. Last but not least, the database will interest companies and institutions aiming to hire outstanding talent for opportunities within a growing Icelandic and international knowledge economy.

The database is divided by School and searchable by name, research subject, faculty and graduation year. When a School is selected, all the PhD alumni from 2010-2024 appear. From there it is possible to limit the search by clicking on a faculty and/or entering search terms. By clicking on a graduate´s picture, it is possible to read about the doctoral dissertation and defense (with the exception of 2010 graduates). The database utilizes publicly available information and meets the university´s requirements for data privacy.

Financed by a summer grant from the Icelandic Directorate of Labour, the database was a cooperative project of the Graduate School, the Social Science Research Institute and the Student Counselling and Career Centre. Eyrún Lóa Eiríksdóttir, a doctoral student in Comparative Literature, collected data and designed the database and website, under the supervision of Toby Erik Wikström, Project Manager at the Graduate School and Research Specialist at the Centre for Research in the Humanities.


Congratulations to UI Doctoral Graduates

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